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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping Insurance in Vermont

What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscapers invest a lot of hard work and financial resources into their businesses, and the investments they make need to be protected. Without sufficient insurance coverage, a single incident could take away everything that has been put into a landscaping business. Landscaping insurance helps Vermont landscapers protect their businesses and the resources they’ve invested.

Landscaping insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the unique insurance needs of landscapers. Most landscapers policies have a combination of coverages that work together to provide robust protection against many of the possible risks that landscapers are exposed to.

Landscaping Insurance VermontWhat Vermont Businesses Need Lawn Care Insurance?

Most businesses that provide landscaping or lawn care services in Vermont should have lawn care insurance. This includes individuals who mow lawns as well as statewide companies that provide both residential and commercial services. Without insurance, any landscaper is dangerously exposed to potential risks regardless of their business’ size.

What Coverages Does Lawn Care Insurance Provide?

Landscapers often adjust the specific coverage in their lawn care insurance policies to meet their particular situation, so coverages can vary from one policy to the next. Nevertheless, there are a number of coverages that many landscapers choose to carry. Some of the most common ones are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover a range of accidents and false advertising claims
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover damage and injuries caused by products that a landscaper uses (i.e. fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.)
  • Pollution Liability Coverage, which may cover environmental contamination caused by products a landscaper uses
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which may cover fallout caused by giving a customer bad or uninformed advice
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may cover any buildings a landscaper owns
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may cover equipment that’s being transported to or from job sites
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which landscapers that own commercial vehicles usually need per state law

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Is Workers Compensation Included in Lawn Care Insurance Policies?

Workers compensation coverage usually isn’t included in lawn care policies. Landscapers who have employees and need this coverage typically purchase it as a separate policy. Most insurance agents who are familiar with lawn care policies can also help landscapers get a workers compensation policy.

Can Landscaping and Snowplowing Insurance Policies Be Combined?

Many landscapers in the state supplement their income during the winter with snowplowing. Insurers realize this, and many insurance companies offer insurance policies that are suitable for both landscaping and snowplowing. For businesses that offer both services, these dual policies are often the most affordable way to obtain sufficient insurance.

Landscaping Insurance VermontCan Landscaping Policies Be Canceled During the Winter?

For landscapers who don’t plow driveways and parking lots, reducing insurance coverage is a viable way to minimize off-season expenses. It’s not generally advisable to cancel coverage altogether, though.

Canceling coverage during the off-season can leave equipment unprotected against damage, and it may create a coverage gap. In many cases, having a gap in coverage will result in being assessed higher premiums in the future. The penalty often lasts for some time, and landscapers frequently end up paying more in higher premiums than they save when the coverage is temporarily canceled.

In contrast, reducing coverages provides a way to keep equipment insured while still reducing premium payments. Landscapers can make adjustments that don’t sacrifice important protections or cause a lapse in coverage, but do lead to savings.

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How Can Landscapers in Vermont Get Landscaping Insurance?

For help finding insurance that matches their particular needs, landscapers in Vermont should contact a T.S. Peck independent insurance agent who specializes in landscaping insurance. Our agents have worked with other landscapers in the past and will understand the risk exposure landscapers face, and our agents will know what coverages are available to protect against those risks. Of course, our independent agents also have the ability to compare multiple insurers’ policies and find the one with the most robust protections.



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