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Business Insurance in Vermont

Running a successful business in Vermont takes hard work and determination. Protecting it requires comprehensive business insurance. By mitigating the financial impact of fire, accidents, injuries, and other events, commercial insurance can help you keep your business running. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Insurance 

Insuring your business means understanding the risks you face. Each business has its own unique blend of common and specialized risks that must be accounted for. The agents at T.S. Peck Insurance are experienced in identifying the most important areas of risk for your business, and helping you find the right business insurance products to protect you. Because we are local Vermont agents, we understand your business needs.

We start the insurance process by sitting down with you to discuss your business operations, so we can fully understand what your business needs. From there, our agents will recommend a variety of commercial insurance policies and packages that will provide comprehensive protection for your business.

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Common Vermont Insurance Coverages

Most businesses face some of the same risks, such as fire, workplace injury, and theft. Typically, our business insurance packages will start off with coverage against these common perils. For most businesses, we recommend:

  • Property Insurance – This coverage will help to protect your business structure and equipment, such as computers, furniture, and tools. In case of fire, vandalism, theft, storm damage, or other events, property insurance can help you restore and replace these items.

  • General Liability Insurance – If a customer is injured at your business place, whether by a slip and fall accident or being burned by a hot dish, general liability coverage will help pay for lawsuits, medical bills, and settlements.

  • Workers Compensation – Vermont law requires that businesses with even one employee carry workers compensation insurance. This coverage helps to pays for medical bills and salary replacement if a worker is injured on the job.

  • Professional Liability – Whether you manufacture an item, run a restaurant, or provide professional advice, if your services cause an injury or financial loss, your business may be held liable. This coverage will help to protect you against lawsuits due to these losses.

Business Insurance Vermont

Specialized Coverage

Because each business is unique, there are a wide variety of commercial insurance options. Our agents are trained to identify which of these policies may be helpful for your business.

  • Liquor Liability – If your restaurant or business produces or serves alcoholic beverages, liquor liability coverage helps to protect you if your customers cause damages while intoxicated.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – If you own a company car or use a vehicle for businesses purposes, commercial auto coverage helps to cover injuries and damages sustained in an accident.

  • Inland Marine – When transporting goods, expensive damages can occur. Inland marine insurance helps to cover goods in transit.

  • Cyber Insurance – With the rising use of computers and technology, data breaches and identify theft are on the rise. If you are hacked, cyber insurance can help to cover your recovery expenses.

These and many other options are available to add to your insurance portfolio to provide full protection to your business.

Insurance Packages

At T.S. Peck Insurance, we want to make your insurance buying experience easy and affordable. With business owners policies and commercial package policies, you can combine the most commonly used coverages into a single contract, saving you money and simplifying the claims process if a loss occurs. Our agents can customize any package and add additional coverages to help meet your business needs.

You’ve invested your time, money, and effort into building a strong business. Let us help you protect it with a comprehensive business insurance policy.


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