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House Cleaning Insurance

House Cleaning Insurance in Vermont

What is house cleaning insurance?

Residential cleaning services can be profitable businesses, but these businesses come with certain risks. From accidents to lost equipment, house cleaning insurance can protect residential cleaning services in Vermont against many covered risks.

House cleaning insurance is a specialized commercial insurance for residential cleaning services. The insurance can usually provide protection against both property loss and liability lawsuits.

House Cleaning  Insurance Vermont

What Vermont businesses need home cleaning insurance?

Most businesses that offer residential cleaning services in Vermont should consider home cleaning insurance. This includes both individuals and businesses that perform the work.

Not carrying insurance can leave an individual or business unnecessarily exposed to risk, and home cleaning insurance tends to be the most appropriate insurance for residential cleaning services.

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Do residents who clean family and friends’ houses need home cleaning insurance?

Insurance generally isn’t necessary when cleaning another person’s house as a favor, so long as money or other compensation doesn’t change hands. Insurance likely is needed if the services are paid for, though, and that’s true even if the person paying is a family member or close friend.

An insurance agent who specializes in home cleaning insurance can help residents determine whether insurance is needed in a particular situation.

House Cleaning  Insurance Vermont

What coverage do house cleaning policies make available?

House cleaning policies normally offer multiple protections by bundling coverages together. Some of the coverages that might get bundled into a policy include:

There are still more coverages that policies can provide. An informed insurance agent can walk home cleaners through all of the protections that they can have included in a policy.

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Do home cleaners need commercial auto insurance for their personal vehicles?

Home cleaners sometimes need commercial auto insurance when they’re driving a personal vehicle to/from client houses. Whether commercial coverage is needed depends largely on their personal auto policy’s terms.

Some personal auto policies offer coverage when a personal vehicle is driven for work, especially if the work driving is for the policyholder's business. Other personal policies don’t offer coverage like this, either as a standard or an optional protection.

If coverage isn’t included in a personal auto policy, then a commercial auto policy probably should be purchased.

How can Vermont residential cleaning services get house cleaning insurance?

If you need assistance with house cleaning insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our Vermont agents will work with you to assess your situation and coverage needs. We can then show you several policy options from different insurance companies that meet those needs, and help you select which policy best provides the coverages you’re looking for.


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