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Food Truck Insurance

Food Truck Insurance in Vermont

What is Food Truck Insurance?

Owning a food truck can be a fun and rewarding business. Like many business ventures, however, it comes with a certain level of risk. Food truck insurance policies help food trucks located in Vermont protect themselves from a variety of risks that they face.

Food truck insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that uniquely meet the needs of food trucks and similar businesses. In order to protect these businesses from multiple risks, most policies come as package policies that have several coverages within them.

Food Truck Insurance Vermont

What Businesses in Vermont is Food Cart Insurance Right For?

In general, most Vermont businesses that sell food and/or beverage items from a mobile unit should consider purchasing food cart insurance. Some examples of such businesses include:

  • Gourmet food trucks
  • Ice cream trucks and bicycles
  • Hot dog and hamburger carts
  • Festival concessionaires
  • Restaurants with food trucks

Businesses that don’t know whether this or another form of commercial interest best meets their needs can get advice from an insurance agent who’s familiar with these policies. An agent who knows food truck policies will also know what other commercial policies are similar, and they’ll be able to provide guidance as to what type of policy best suits a business' particular situation.

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What Coverages Do Food Cart Insurance Policies Make Available?

While most food cart insurance policies come with multiple coverages, the exact coverages included in them can vary. Some coverages that a policy might make available are:

There are still more coverages that a policy can come with.

Do Mobile Food Vendors Need Food Cart Insurance with Commercial Vehicle Coverage?

Most mobile food vendors that serve customers from a commercial truck or trailer need commercial vehicle coverage for when they move their vehicle or trailer. Commercial vehicles normally aren’t covered by personal car insurance policies, and some personal policies might not even cover using a personal vehicle to tow a business' trailer.

Most vendors who serve from a small cart that’s moved manually or a bicycle don’t have to carry commercial vehicle coverage, but there are many other coverages they’ll likely want.

Food Truck Insurance Vermont

Are Food Truck Policies Expensive?

Premiums for food truck policies vary because they’re based on many different factors, but these policies tend to still be quite affordable. Some of the items that can influence a policy’s cost include the:

  • Location where a vendor serves customers
  • Number of customers a vendor serves
  • Kind of menu items a vendor offers
  • Kind of truck, cart, bike or trailer a vendor uses
  • Coverages and limits a vendor selects

An independent insurance agent can help vendors find out exactly how much a policy that meets their needs will cost. Whereas other agents are often obligated to only show quotes from a single insurance company, independent agents can get food truck owners quotes from multiple insurance companies. This makes comparing different policies’ premiums and selecting the best available option quick and easy.

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How Can Food Trucks in Vermont Get Food Truck Insurance?

For help finding food truck insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents have worked with many food trucks and food carts in Vermont, and we’d be happy to assist you.


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