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Dog Trainer Insurance

Dog Trainer Insurance in Vermont

What is dog trainer insurance?

While training dogs can be rewarding both personally and financially, trainers should consider the risks that working with dogs presents. Dog trainer insurance can help Vermont trainers protect themselves from many liability and property perils that they’re otherwise exposed to.

Dog trainer insurance offers dog trainers affordable access to important commercial insurance coverages. Most policies come with a combination of liability and property protection.

Dog Trainer Insurance in Vermont

What Vermont professionals is dog training insurance for?

Most Vermont professionals who offer dog training should have dog training insurance. Trainers may need insurance for individual training, group classes and other sessions they offer.

Professionals who do other types of work with dogs might have similar insurance needs, but sometimes coverages have to be adjusted slightly. An insurance agent who specializes in dog training insurance can help determine which specific insurance policy is right for different professionals.

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What coverages are available through dig training insurance policies?

Dog training insurance policies typically provide a combination of property and liability coverages, Some examples of coverages that these policies might come with include:

Dog Trainer Insurance in Vermont

What is care, custody and control coverage?

Dog trainers who take temporary possession of the dogs that they work with likely need care, custody and control coverage. CCC coverage generally safeguards against various accidents that could happen while a dog is in a trainer’s custody. For instance, the coverage may extend to injuries, loss and/or death of the dog.

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Do dog trainers need workers' compensation coverage?

Workers' compensation coverage broadly protects against workplace accidents that result in injury, often including dog bites and similar accidents. The coverage is normally required for businesses that have employees.

Many dog trainers work as solo business owners, however, and workers' compensation might not be required in a self-employed situation. 

Self-employed trainers should see guidance from an experienced insurance agent as to whether they should get workers' compensation coverage. An experienced agent who’s familiar with dog training policies will be able to provide trainers with an informed recommendation.

How much do dog training policies cost?

The premiums charged for dog training policies are based on many factors and thus vary from one situation to another. A trainer’s primary location, the scope of work, dogs worked with, and past claims history are only a few of the entails that can affect rates.

Trainers who would like to explore rates in more detail can do so with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents aren’t obligated to promote any specific insurance company and therefore can help trainers fairly compare policy coverages and costs from multiple insurance companies.

How can dog trainers in Vermont get dog trainer insurance?

If you offer dog training classes in Vermont, let the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance help you find robust dog trainer insurance. We’re well-versed in the insurance, and we’ll work hard to make sure you’re properly covered at an affordable price. With our assistance, you can confidently teach classes knowing that you’re well protected against things that could go wrong


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