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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance in Vermont

What is Wedding Insurance?

A wedding day is a particularly special day that’s supposed to be perfect. Even on wedding days, however, accidents can happen. Wedding insurance helps Vermont couples protect themselves from potential financial expenses related to covered wedding day accidents.

Wedding insurance is a specialized form of event insurance, one that’s specifically designed to help protect the hosts of a wedding. Hosts may be the couple who are getting married, a family member who’s paying for the festivities or someone who owns the property a wedding is taking place on. Any of these people may be interested in the protections that a wedding policy can offer.

Wedding Insurance Vermont

Are There Different Types of Wedding Policies?

Wedding policies may be categorized into two groups. Hosts may be interested in either or both types of policies.

Wedding cancellation insurance policies help protect deposits that hosts make. Should a wedding be canceled or postponed for a covered reason, this type of policy might reimburse any forfeited deposits. In certain situations, the cost of hiring an alternative vendor might also be covered. Some coverages that might be included in wedding cancellation insurance policies include:

  • Tuxedo and Gowns Coverage, which may cover costs associated with replacing a tuxedo or wedding gown that’s damaged before a wedding
  • Wedding Photographer Coverage, which may cover costs associated with having a post-wedding photoshoot if there’s a covered issue with the wedding photography
  • Catering and Cake Coverage, which may cover costs associated with getting a wedding cake at the last minute if a contracted baker fails to provide a cake
  • Military Service Coverage, which may provide reimbursement for all paid expenses if a wedding is delayed because one of the couple being married is called to active duty

Wedding liability insurance policies help wedding hosts safeguard themselves from certain liability lawsuits and claims. These policies typically assist with legal fees, settlements and judgements for covered claims, regardless of whether the host is found liable. Some coverages that might be included in a wedding liability insurance policy include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries sustained by guests
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which may cover damage that’s sustained by property the hosts don’t own
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries and property damage sustained during alcohol-related incidents
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which may provide supplemental protection for one or more of these other coverages

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Do Wedding Policies Cover Honeymoons?

Although many wedding hosts in Vermont are interested in insuring their honeymoons along with their weddings, coverage for honeymoons normally isn’t included in either wedding cancellation insurance policies or wedding liability insurance policies. Coverage for honeymoons typically must be purchased through a separate insurance policy that’s modeled after trip insurance rather than event insurance.

Wedding Insurance VermontAre Wedding Policies Expensive?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting wedding policies’ premiums, so prices for policies can vary. The number of attendees, location of the ceremony and reception, beverages offered and coverages selected are just a few of the many items that can influence a policy’s cost. Despite the variance in cost of policies, however, insurers are usually able to keep policies quite affordable.

Insurance companies can normally keep wedding policies’ premiums low because policies usually only need to be in effect for a few days. Sometimes, coverage is needed for just one day. When a policy is only in effect for a few days, the risk an insurer assumes and the fees they must charge for that risk are kept low.

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How Can Wedding Hosts in Vermont Get Wedding Insurance?

For help finding coverage for their special day, wedding hosts in Vermont should contact an independent insurance agent who specializes in wedding insurance. An independent agent who’s familiar with this particular type of insurance will be familiar with the risks that wedding hosts are exposed to, know how to protect against many of those risks and have the freedom to show hosts policies from multiple insurers in Vermont. 

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