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Side by Side Insurance

Side by Side Insurance in Vermont

What is Side by Side Insurance?

Side by side vehicles can be used for both recreational and commercial purposes, but any use of these vehicles comes with a certain amount of risk. The rugged terrain and non-ideal conditions that these vehicles are often taken out in only compound those risks. One way that riders in Vermont can protect their vehicles and themselves from many covered risks is by purchasing side by side insurance.

Side by side insurance is specialized off-road vehicle insurance for side by sides and utility task vehicles. In order to provide the multiple protections that owners of these vehicles need, policies typically come with individual coverages bundled together.

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Who Should Have UTV Insurance?

UTV insurance is generally well-suited for insuring side by sides and utility task vehicles, and most owners of these vehicles should carry a UTV policy. This broadly includes both individual and business owners, so long as their vehicle is registered in Vermont.

Residents of other states who bring their side by sides into Vermont usually also need insurance, although what state the insurance should be purchased in is situationally dependent. An insurance agent who specializes in side by side and UTV policies can help out-of-state riders determine where to get insurance from. 

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Does Vermont Require UTV Owners to Carry Insurance?

Vermont state law generally doesn’t require UTV owners to carry insurance, even if they use the state’s VASA trail network. Other groups that maintain secondary trails connecting to the VASA network might require insurance for all riders who go on their trails. These may be counties, cities or towns that require UTV insurance.

Regardless of state law, insurance should usually still be purchased even when it’s not legally required. Riding without insurance can leave UTV owners dangerously exposed to possible risks. Owners often even choose to get additional coverage beyond what might be legally required, so they’re better protected.

side by side insurance vermont

What Coverages Can Side by Side Owners Get Through UTV Insurance?

UTV insurance may come with several different property and liability coverages. A few of the more notable and commonly available protections are:

  • Collision Coverage, which may cover damage occurring during accidents with other UTVs or cars
  • Comprehensive Coverage, which may cover damage occurring during non-accident incidents
  • Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries to people not on a UTV or damage to others’ property
  • Medical Cost Coverage, which might cover medical expenses associated with riders’ injuries
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might cover accidents caused by non-insured drivers

In addition to these coverages, some UTV policies also offer protection for accessories. Whether any accessories are covered depends on the terms and conditions of a policy. For policies that provide coverage, which accessories are included in the coverage also depends on terms and conditions.

When considering coverage for accessories, riders should be aware that there are both common and uncommon accessories. Some policies might only cover common accessories, which may include helmets and gloves. Other policies might extend coverage to a wider variety of accessories, possibly including snowplows, storage systems, custom seats and other major upgrades.

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How Do Insurers Determine Premiums for UTV Policies?

Insurance companies take multiple factors into account when calculating premiums for UTV policies. While the exact factors considered can differ from one insurance company to the next, they often include things like the following:

  • Year, make and model of the UTV
  • Age of the UTV rider
  • Past accident history of the UTV rider
  • Where the UTV is driven
  • Where the UTV is stored

An independent insurance agent can help UTV owners check how much a policy that meets their needs will cost. Unlike captive agents, independent agents aren’t connected to any one insurance company and can compare quotes from several companies.

How Can UTV Owners Get Good Side by Side Insurance?

If you need help insuring a side by side that’s registered and/or used in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents will work with you to determine coverage needs, deductibles and limits, and then they’ll look for a side by side insurance policy that’ll be a good option for you. With our assistance, you can be confident that you’re well protected when riding on the trail.

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