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RV Insurance

RV Insurance in Vermont

What is RV Insurance?

Recreational vehicles combine the comfort of a home with the mobility of an automobile. In doing so, they create a unique insurance situation that calls for slightly different coverages than are found in most standard auto insurance policies. RV insurance policies offer Vermont residents who have these vehicles the specialized combination of protections that they need.

RV insurance policies are generally categorized into three groups. Each group of policies is intended for a different type of recreational vehicle:

  • Class A policies normally cover converted buses and similarly large RVs
  • Class B policies normally cover travel trailers, camper vans and smaller RVs
  • Class C policies normally cover fifth-wheel vehicles and RV vans

RV Insurance Vermont

What Coverages Do Motorhome Policies Offer?

Because RVs have unique insurance requirements, most motorhome policies offer an array of standard and optional protections. Some of these are similar to coverages found in auto policies, but others are more specific to recreational vehicles.

Some of the coverages that are more similar to those found in auto policies include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which may cover injuries that people not in the insured RV sustain
  • Personal Injury Coverage, which may cover injuries that people in the RV sustain
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which may cover damage caused to others’ property
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, which may cover damage sustained by the RV
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents caused by inadequately insured drivers
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance, which may offer help during roadside emergencies

A few examples of more RV-specific coverages are:

  • Emergency Expenses Coverage, which might cover unanticipated costs incurred on a trip after a covered incident
  • Campsite and Vacation Coverage, which might extend a range of protections to road trips
  • Full-Timer Coverage, which might be necessary for people who live in their RVs

(As is true with auto policies, the exact coverages made available by motorhome policies can vary.)

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Do Motorhome Insurance Policies Have Coverage for Personal Belongings?

Many motorhome insurance policies offer coverage for personal belongings, but RV owners should check their homeowners insurance policy before selecting this coverage. Some homeowners, condo and renters policies cover personal belongings even when they’re in an RV. In these situations, procuring additional coverage through a motorhome policy might be unnecessary.

For help reviewing a homeowners, condo or renters policy, RV owners should contact an experienced insurance agent. An agent who’s familiar with all of these policies and motorhome insurance will be able to help RV owners make sure personal possessions are covered without purchasing duplicate protections.

Who in Vermont Needs a Motorhome Policy?

Most RV owners in Vermont should have a motorhome policy. Owners must at least have coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements in place whenever they go on public roads, and it’s generally advisable to carry more protection than what’s legally required.

RV Insurance Vermont

What Factors Affect Motorhome Insurance Policies’ Premiums?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting rates for motorhome insurance policies. Some of the items that they may take into account include the:

  • Policy’s class (A, B or C)
  • Amount of time the RV is used
  • Driving record of the primary driver
  • Limits and coverages chosen
  • Location where the RV is stored

When all other factors are equal, Class A policies tend to cost more than the other two classes, simply because they’re often used to protect larger RVs. When other factors aren’t held constant, though, there can be exceptions to this generality.

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How Can Vermont Motorhome Owners Get RV Insurance?

For help finding RV insurance that’s suited to your particular needs, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents have helped many Vermont residents find the right combination of coverage, and they’ll scour multiple insurance companies’ offerings to get you the best available coverage at an affordable price.

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