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Plumbing Insurance

Plumbing Insurance in Vermont

What is Plumbing Insurance?

Plumbers face a variety of potential risks, including both property- and liability-related perils, when they’re working. Plumbing insurance helps plumbing businesses and professionals in Vermont safeguard themselves against many of the risks that they’re exposed to.

Plumbing insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that’s designed with plumbers in mind. Most policies are written as package policies that come with several coverages, and policyholders can usually adjust the coverages included to suit their particular situation.

Plumbing Insurance Vermont

What Professionals in Vermont is Plumbers Insurance Appropriate For?

Most individuals and businesses that offer plumbing services in the state of Vermont ought to carry plumbers insurance. This includes:

  • Businesses that provide commercial plumbing services
  • Businesses that provide residential plumbing services
  • Individuals who are self-employed as plumbers
  • Employees who do plumbing work independently on the side

Additionally, some businesses that do plumbing in addition to other work may need a plumbers policy. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help kitchen remodelers, home builders and similar businesses determine whether a plumbers policy or some other form of insurance is more appropriate for their situation.

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What Coverages Do Plumbers Policies Make Available?

There are many coverages that plumbers policies might make available. Some of the more commonly needed ones are:

In addition to these, policies might also offer business interruption coverage, cyber liability coverage and many other protections.

Plumbing Insurance Vermont

Do Plumbers Who Drive Personal Vehicles for Work Need Commercial Auto Coverage?

Whether plumbers who drive their personal vehicles for work need full-fledged commercial auto coverage depends on many factors. The driving for work that they do, the terms of their personal auto policy and the registration of their vehicle are only a few of the items that might need to be taken into account when making a determination.

Because this is a detailed matter, plumbers who have concerns about using a personal vehicle for work should speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can review their personal policy and situation.

Should Plumbers Carry Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation coverage is generally advisable for most businesses and professionals, including most plumbers. Businesses that have employees working for them are normally required by state law to carry this coverage, and business owners who work alone may also want coverage in case their health insurance plan doesn’t cover work-caused injuries (which some don’t).

Whether workers compensation is procured through a plumbers insurance policy varies from situation to situation, however. An insurance agent who helps with plumbers policies can probably also help businesses determine what the best way to purchase any workers compensation coverage that they need is.

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What Factors Influence Plumbers Insurance Policies Premiums?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting premiums for plumbers policies. A few items that might influence a policy’s price include:

  • Where a business’ primary office is located
  • Where a business provides plumbing services
  • Whether a business provides commercial or residential services
  • What equipment a business uses
  • What coverages, limits and deductibles a business selects
  • Whether past insurance claims have been filed by a business

How Can Plumbers in Vermont Get Plumbing Insurance?

If you need help insuring a plumbing business that’s in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Whether you need to protect just yourself or a statewide corporation, we’re here to assist you with your plumbing insurance needs.


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