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High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance In Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, lush green valleys, and endless recreational opportunities. For some, it is the ideal place to build the home of their dreams, investing in custom finishes, antique furnishings, and other special features. When you invest in a high value home, you should take care to protect it with high value home insurance.

High Value Home Insurance Vermont

High value homes are commonly defined as having a property value that is higher than average for the area. They typically have features such as outbuildings, custom architecture, and hand-crafted finishes. Inside you can often find antiques, art, valuable jewelry, electronics, and other high-end items.

With so much value concentrated in one property, a standard Vermont homeowners policy is often not sufficient to properly repair or replace your property in the event of a loss. High value home insurance has special features customized for these properties.

Our agents at T.S. Peck are trained to help you balance these coverage needs with your budget to find the right policy for your home.

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High Value Home Insurance Coverage

Like traditional homeowners insurance, a high value home policy includes both property and liability coverage. However, with your high value policy you will have higher limits and more comprehensive protection, in addition to a host of additional insurance options. In addition to higher liability limits, you can arrange to have:

    • Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost Coverage – If your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered event, you can rebuild it with similar materials and quality even if those costs exceed your policy limits.

    • Cash Settlement Option – If you choose to not repair or replace, you can receive a cash payout of the value of the item or structure, up to your policy limit.

    • Higher Limits for jewelry, electronics, art, and other high-value items  Traditional homeowners policies have low limits, often requiring additional insurance to protect these items, but a high value policy can cover all your possessions under one policy.

    • Replacement Value Coverage – Not all items can be given an appropriate cash value. Irreplaceable antiques and other items can be reimbursed at the value which would be paid at sale or auction of a similar item.

    • Extended, or Unlimited, Loss of Use Coverage  If you have to vacate your home while repairs take place, your high value policy will cover your excess expenses even for an extended rebuilding period.

These higher limits and more generous policies are designed to allow you to continue your lifestyle and fully restore your home and belongings in case of a fire, theft, storm damage, or other loss event.High Value Home Insurance Vermont

Other Vermont Policy Options

In addition to the basic coverage benefits, high value home policies offer other benefits to homeowners including:

    • Vacation Home Coverage
    • Identity Theft Insurance
    • Umbrella Liability Coverage
    • Domestic Help Insurance
    • Coverage for Sewer and Drainage Backups
    • Flood Insurance
    • Pet Insurance
    • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
    • Preventative Action Coverage (to assist in the purchase of a backup generator, alarm systems, and other equipment following a covered loss)

The options available to you can vary based on your location and the insurance carrier. Your insurance agent can help you find a policy that best meets your needs.

When you build a high value home in Vermont, you are taking advantage of the natural beauty and opportunities that the state has to offer. However, you are also facing punishing winter weather, summer storms, and the threats of fire, theft, and other losses. It’s important to protect your investment with an insurance policy that can provide full protection for your property. High value home insurance can provide the comprehensive coverage you need. Contact a local, friendly agent today!


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