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Gym Insurance

Gym Insurance in Vermont

What is Gym Insurance?

Gyms and fitness centers require substantial investments, and those investments ought to be protected when possible. One way that gyms in Vermont can protect themselves from a variety of risks is by purchasing gym insurance.

Gym insurance is specialized commercial insurance for gyms, fitness centers and similar businesses. In order to offer these businesses with protection against multiple risks, most of these policies come as package policies that combine several coverages together.

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What Businesses in Vermont Should Carry Fitness Club Insurance?

Many gyms and related businesses in Vermont should consider fitness club insurance. Some examples of businesses that might want this type of policy include:

  • Traditional gyms
  • Specialized gyms
  • Fitness centers
  • Workout centers
  • Health clubs
  • Sports complexes

In some cases, such as with sports complexes, whether a fitness club policy or other policy is better depends on the business’ specific situation and needs. Businesses that aren’t sure whether fitness club insurance is right for them can seek guidance from a knowledgeable insurance agent. An agent who specializes in this insurance will be able to explain whether it’s a good option for a particular business.

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What Coverages Can Gyms Get Through Fitness Club Insurance Policies?

Most of the coverages that are offered through fitness club insurance policies can be broadly categorized as either property coverages or liability coverages. Property coverages usually protect assets that a gym owns against loss or damage. Liability coverages are usually for situations where a gym could be held financially liable for an incident.

Some of the property coverages that are more commonly available through fitness club policies include:

  • Building Coverage, which may insure a primary building and any secondary structures on a gym’s premises
  • Contents Coverage, which may insure workout equipment, lockers, towels, and other equipment or supplies that a gym has
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage, which may insure improvements that a gym makes to a leased space
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may insure essential gym equipment against unexpected malfunction
  • Business Income Coverage, which may insure against continued loss of revenue following a covered disaster

Some of the liability coverages that fitness club policies often offer are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may insure against commonplace accidents occurring on a gym’s premises
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may insure against harm and property damage that a sold or used product causes
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may insure against harm and damage that an employed class instructor or personal trainer causes
  • Participant Liability Coverage, which may insure against injuries that members, class participants or players sustain
  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which may insure against injuries that passersby or bystanders sustain
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which may insure against online attacks, data breaches and other digital threats that compromise member information
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which may provide a secondary layer of liability protection against a broad range of risks

gym insurance Vermont

Do Fitness Club Policies Cover High-Risk Sports Activities?

Whether high-risk sports activities are covered by fitness club policies depends on the specific terms and conditions of a policy. Some policies might cover high-risk sports as an optional feature, while others might not offer optional protection. 

A gym or sports complex that offers high-risk sports activities should work closely with an insurance agent who understands these policies. An informed agent will be able to help gyms and sports complexes find a policy that covers high-risk activities if protection is needed.

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How Can Gyms in Vermont Get Gym Insurance?

For help finding gym insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our agents will work with you to determine what coverages are needed, and then we’ll show you multiple policies that meet those needs. With our help, you can find the best gym policy for your business.


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