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Electrician Insurance

Electrician Insurance in Vermont

What is Electrician Insurance?

Electricians work with potentially dangerous electrical currents on a daily basis. Should they make a mistake, the effects can be severe. Accidents can result in property damage, injury and sometimes even death, and there are all kinds of accidents that electricians might cause or be involved in. Electrician insurance won’t prevent an accident, but it can help electricians in Vermont financially recover from the effects a covered accident has.

Electrician insurance policies are specialized insurance policies specifically designed for electricians and electrical contractors. Most policies are written as package policies, typically combining several electrician property insurance and electrician liability insurance coverages together to provide robust protection against a variety of risks.

Electrician Insurance VermontWho in Vermont Needs an Electrician Policy?

Any individual or business in Vermont who works within the electrical industry may benefit from having an electrician policy. Electricians, electrical contractors and electrical service companies might need protection for the work they do and equipment they use.

What Coverages Do Electrician Policies Include?

While most everyone in the electrical business should have insurance, not all electricians’ insurance needs are the same. Therefore, coverages can vary from policy to policy. Electricians might select coverages from a variety of commercial property insurance protections and electrical liability insurance protections.

The commercial property insurance protections included in electrician policies usually help protect buildings, tools, equipment and supplies that electricians own. Some of the coverages that are often available in policies include:

  • Building Property Coverage, which may provide protection against a range of common accidents
  • Contents Coverage, which may provide protection for portable equipment, tools and supplies
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may extend protection for gear while it’s being transported
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may provide protection for breakdowns of essential equipment

The electrician liability insurance protections that electrician policies have normally help pay legal fees and settlements associated with covered liability claims. Some electrician liability insurance protections that policies frequently offer are:

Along with these coverages, electricians frequently also need business interruption coverage, commercial auto coverage and some other coverages. In most cases, these can be added to an electrician policy just as any commercial property or electrician liability insurance coverage is included.

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Is Workers Compensation Included in Electrician Policies?

Workers compensation coverage is one of the few insurance protections that’s typically not included in electrician policies. Health insurance and disability insurance are two other examples of coverages that also aren’t normally included in these policies.

Electricians who need workers compensation coverage or want one of these other coverages usually must purchase the coverage through a stand-alone policy that’s separate from their electrician policy.

Electrician Insurance VermontWhat Factors Affect Electrician Policies’ Premiums?

Many different factors are taken into consideration when insurers underwrite electrician policies. What territory an electrician covers, what type of work an electrician does, what equipment an electrician has and whether an electrician has employees are just a few of the items that might influence a policy’s cost.

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How Can Vermont Electricians Get Electrician Insurance?

For help finding an insurance policy that’ll cover their work, electricians should contact an independent insurance agent who specializes in electrician insurance. An agent who specializes in this type of insurance will be familiar with the risks electricians face, the coverages that are available to them and the factors that affect policies’ premiums. With this knowledge and the ability to show electricians any insurer’s policy, a knowledgeable independent agent can get an electrician the best coverage available.



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