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Assault and Battery Insurance

Assault and Battery Insurance in Vermont

What is Assault and Battery Insurance?

Businesses in the hospitality industry are sometimes held responsible for the actions of their guests and patrons, and this can lead to dicey legal situations when there’s a confrontation between two or more people. Should someone be injured in a fight, brawl or other confrontation at a Vermont business, the business itself might be sued and held financially liable. Assault and battery insurance is designed to help businesses shield themselves from some of this potential risk.

Assault and battery insurance is specialized commercial liability insurance that specifically applies to covered physical confrontations. Like other liability coverages, this insurance will usually help pay attorney fees, court fees and settlements associated with a covered claim.

Because assault and battery coverage is so specialized, businesses should work with an insurance agent who specializes in this insurance when selecting a policy. This is especially true for businesses in the hospitality industry, which often have different assault and battery risk exposures than businesses in other industries.

Assault and Battery Insurance Vermont

What Sorts of Vermont Businesses Should Have Assault and Battery Coverage?

Assault and battery coverage is useful to a wide variety of Vermont businesses, and those businesses aren't only within the hospitality industry. Within the industry, however, businesses like the following might benefit from the coverage’s protections:

  • Restaurants 
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Motels

Outside of the hospitality industry, event venues, private investigators and bounty hunters may all purchase the coverage. Essentially, any business that could be held financially liable for injuries sustained during a physical confrontation probably should investigate this coverage.

In some cases, businesses might investigate the coverage and ultimately decide that its unneeded. A restaurant that only serves a few beers might not deem the coverage necessary, for instance. Before skipping assault and battery coverage, though, businesses should speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent so that they know the sort of risk they’re assuming.

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What Types of Incidents Does Battery and Assault Coverage Protect Against?

The exact incidents that an assault and battery policy covers are determined by that policy’s terms and conditions. With the right terms, a policy might cover things like:

  • A fight breaks out between two guests, and someone is physically injured
  • A brawl breaks out between many guests, and a bystander is psychologically harmed
  • A person is sexually assaulted in the restroom or parking lot

Assault and Battery Insurance Vermont

Why Can Hospitality Businesses Be Held Liability for Assaults?

Even though people generally should be personally responsible for their actions, hospitality businesses can sometimes be held liable for injuries and damage when an assault takes place on their property. There are a couple of reasons why.

First, a business’ bouncer could potentially cause injury to a guest or patron. Should a bouncer have to get physical, both the bouncer and the business might be held responsible for any injuries that ensue. This is largely because the bouncer is working for the business.

Second, a business might be held responsible if the business sells alcohol. Should an intoxicated patron assault someone, the business could potentially be liable if the patron was overserved or acquired drinks illegally. 

When considering how these kinds of situations can play out legally, it’s important to remember that a business can face substantial costs even if it’s ultimately exonerated. Merely paying the legal fees associated with an allegation can be expensive.

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Where Can Vermont Businesses Get Assault and Battery Insurance?

For help finding assault and battery insurance, contact us at T.S. Peck Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have worked with many hospitality businesses in Vermont, and we’re able to help you find the best available assault and battery coverage regardless of what insurer is offering it.


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